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Newtec Business Solutions

Essential Software Services for Any Business

As a systems integrator to many businesses, Newtec Business Solutions successfully creates a better work environment for our customers. Whether implementing a one-office one-employee workstation or a medium-sized, we will locate and/or develop the right horizontal or vertical solutions for your business.

Systems Integration

Systems integration includes:

  • Providing a Needs Assessment
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Evaluating, Selecting, and Purchasing Products and Services
  • Database and Application Migration
  • Implementation
  • Training and Support

These areas must work in concert in order to reduce costs and maximize investment. Working with our technology business partners allows us to achieve these goals on your behalf.

Professional Man

Technology Consulting

In evaluating your business, we provide a framework that is consistent with your level of comfort. From selecting the right application (front- and back-office) to implementing a security and practical disaster recovery plan, we focus on the core objectives to maximize your investment. This process is facilitated with the assistance of technology leaders, IBM and Microsoft, companies that remain at the forefront of technology innovation.

Technical Support

We can monitor your systems remotely through the use of messaging in the event that something unforeseen happens. From power outages and tape backup monitoring to virus protection, we will provide 24/7 protection and shall remain proactive in order to greatly reduce costly maintenance of systems. A sound technical support strategy involves the procurement of quality products and the proper configuration of those products in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Employing Microsoft's Server 2000 or 2003 can greatly reduce technical-support calls by centralizing the management of desktop applications. The turning off of unnecessary settings will limit what a user can do while focusing on tasks specific to the end user's skill set.

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity is about more than recovering from a disaster—it is all about maintaining continuous daily operations and keeping systems and applications available. The time, money, and confidence lost due to downtime or business interruption can seriously damage your company, both short- and long-term.

Dependency on IT services—together with the demand for 24/7 availability, worldwide political events, regulatory and compliance requirements, and business threats—all contribute to making business resilience a top priority in your business.


Before, during, and after the initial installation of products, we formulate and implement a practical training strategy. Often the most critical aspect is on the training of production and support software applications. If not performed by the software manufacturer, we stand ready to assist your firm in the understanding of mission critical applications. Proper technical training eliminates end-user frustration and maximizes productivity, thereby allowing your business to retain quality employees.